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Is it working yet?

25/05/2005 PCB out for manufacture, VHDL complete and simulated.

28/05/2005 Now have full kit of parts for 2 units following Farnell delivery.

03/06/2005 PCBs have shipped from US. ETA 6th June.

07/06/2005 PCBs arrived early, and have netlist checked them - looks like a good job by PCBFabExpress. First prototype constructed, photo on photos page. First task is to bring up CPLD that implements memory decoding and keyboard/display I/O. Talks to PC programmer via JTAG interface OK - next job is code download and verification.

14/06/2005 It works! Finished programming ROM and Altera PLD, switched on. Displayed OK, minor problem with keyboard that was soon resolved. 8154 I/O fitted and tested - that works too! See photos section for first picture, video footage to follow shortly.

20/7/2005 Laser engraved keytops arrived back, looking good.

21/10/2005 Finished VHDL simulation for 32k+32k "big" memory mode. Rewrote original Sinclair monitor for big memory mode. Tested and working perfectly.

13/11/2005 I've got a copy of the NatSemi BASIC interpreter for the SC/MP. It was published in Dr Dobbs Journal in 1976, reprinted in "Best of Interface Age" in 1979. I got a copy of the latter from a West Coast online bookstore. It's about 3,000 lines of source code, written in an obsolete assembler format. I'm typing it now (OCR was a miserable failure). Then I need to port it to TASM and second guess what some of the macro syntax is. It should run fine on the V2.0 MK14 in about 4K of flash. Can interface directly to a "terminal" i.e. a PC running HyperTerminal, or would be interesting to port to the MK14 VDU when I get it running. Anyone care to help with this task?

7/6/2006 Finished typing in the NIBL BASIC source code for the second time (lost the first due to a computer theft!). Assembles with TASM just fine, apart from some of the more complex and obscure macro commands. I'll either need to write a preprocessor for TASM to handle this, modify TASM (but IPR issues there), or munge the source code into a more standard format.

5/9/2006 Thanks to some great help I received with documentation for the Nat Semi macro syntax, I've finished rewriting NIBL for the TASM assmbler. I ended up modifying the NIBL source. I've checked through the resulting hex byte by byte, and is a perfect match for the listing. Next step is to port to the MK14 memory map - memory model is different from the original Nat Semi development kit.