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Progress so far

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My original MK14

View of my bedroom circa 1980. This could be a spot the MK14 competition! Look in the top right hand side of the picture (behind the Nascom 1 keyboard and power supply), and the white wooden box is it!

Check out the paper tape mass storage system too - 5 bit yellow tape and punch in bottom right hand corner.

My original MK14 zoom

Here's a zoom of that, showing the MK14 in its wooden box, with a cut-out to see the display. The replacement keyboard I made is half visible to the right (bottom half obscured by magazines).

Checking parts

Fast forward 26 years, and here's a view of my living room coffee table with the project in progress. I'm checking the components ready for return of the PCB. New components top left on top of net-checked schematic, some components on layout drawing, and SC/MP and INS8154 in anti-static box.

Keyboard layout check

Zoom-in of that, showing original 1970s calculator display (another eBay purchase) and the 2 key chips.

Original layout

Here's the layout of the original board...

V2.0 layout

And here's the new one.