The MK14 Software Library

All the software in this library is in the public domain as far as I know. If you see your software and have a major problem with it being available here, let me know so I can write "educational purposes only and must be deleted within 24 hours" on the page ;-)

All files include a TASM format source code with comments, on many programs the comments have been expanded and/or rewritten, and HEX format object code, so you will need v1.3 or better of the emulator ,or the C based emulator. I'd recommend always getting the latest versions as the downloads are small. (The Dos emulator is usually more reliable than the 'C' emulator)

Any italicised programs are not yet available, but will appear in time (this means I've got them but haven't typed them in yet...). There are some additional routines available (for example sound & serial I/O) which are not supported by the emulator at present, which I will provide if anyone really wants them.

Please submit any handwritten or magazine listings etc. to Paul Robson

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