Science of Cambridge MK14 Emulator

This is an emulator for the Science of Cambridge/Sinclair MK14. It should run happily under Dos, Windows, OS/2 and hopefully Windows NT. It is written in assembly language and should run at full speed on most PCs (say 386 up. I haven't tried it.)

Download Zipped MK14.COM (7k)

The current version is 1.9 (11-June-1998). The source is available here.

The main changes for this version are : support for the Video Display Unit, reduction of the LED display to 8 digits again, a command line switch to enable the emulator to operate flat-out and the ability to change the colour of the LED display digits.

The instructions have been removed from this page, and there archive now has an "MK14.TXT" file which contains full operating instructions. An introductory programming text is here.

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