MK14 Advertisement

from Practical Electronics, June 1979.

This is the text of advertisement used to sell the MK14 in magazines. It is much closer to Sinclair's usual over the top rhetoric than the kit description.

Science of Cambridge : the new MK14.

Simples, most advanced, most flexible

microcomputer - in kit form.

The MK14 is a complete microcomputer with a keyboard, a display, 8 x 512 byte pre-programmed PROMs, and a 256-byte RAM programmable through the keyboard.

As such the MK14 can handle dozens of user-written programs through the hexadecimal keyboard.

Yet in kit form, the MK14 costs only £ 39.95 (+ £3.20 VAT and p & p).

More memory - and peripherals !

Optional extras include :

  1. Extra RAM - 256 bytes

  2. 16 line RAM I/O device (allowed for on the PCB) giving further 128 bytes of RAM.

  3. Low-cost cassette interface module - which means you can use ordinary tape cassettes / recorder for storage of data and programs.

  4. Revised monitor to get the most from the cassette interface module. It consists of two replacement PROMs, pre-programmed with sub-routines for the interface, offset calculations and single step, and single-operation data entry.

  5. PROM programmer and blank PROMs to set up your own pre-programmed dedicated applications.

All are available now to owners of MK14.

A valuable tool - and a training aid.

As a computer it handles operations of all types - from complex games to digital alarm clock functioning, from basic maths to a pulse delay chain. Programs are in the Manual, together with instructions for creating your own genuinely valuable programs. And, of course its a superb education and training aid - providing an ideal introduction to computer technology.


Free Manual

Every MK14 kit includes a manual which deals with procedures from soldering techniques to interfacing with complex external equipment. It includes 20 sample programs including math routines (square root,etc), digital alarm clock, single-step,music box,mastermind and moon landing games, self replication, general purpose sequencing etc.

Designed for fast, easy assembly

The MK14 can be assembled by anyone with a fine tip soldering iron and a few hours' spare time, using the illustrated step-by-step instructions provided.

How to get your MK14

Getting your MK14 kit is easy. Just fill in the coupon below, and post it to us today, with a cheque or PO made payable to Science of Cambridge. And, of course, it comes to you with a comprehensive guarantee. If for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your MK14, return it to us within 14 days for a full cash refund.

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