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Sinclair Manuals

This page contains a complete set of Sinclair manuals for the MK14, scanned from the original copies I hold.

I have written to both Sinclair and Amstrad (who bought a lot of Sinclair's IPR, notably the ZX Spectrum) asking if they would object to me posting these ancient manuals here. Amstrad said they weren't sure if they hold the rights or not to the MK14, and Sinclair didn't reply. I presume therefore that nobody minds! However, if this is not the case please contact me.

MK14 original manual ("---- --" monitor)

Click here to download PDF(9.3M).

Cassette interface

Click here to download PDF(0.9M).


Click here to download PDF(1.6M).

PROM Programmer

Click here to download PDF(2.1M).