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National Semiconductor Introkit

So where did the MK14 come from?

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NatSemi Introkit

The photo shows a (rare) National Semiconductor Introkit from 1976. Notice any similarities to the MK14 keyboard keys ("Go", Mem" etc)? And if I told you that the monitor was identical to the original MK14 monitor?

According to the Planet Sinclair article on the history of the MK14, Science of Cambridge had a very close relationship with National Semiconductor in designing the MK14. It would appear that the MK14 was actually a mass-production optimised version of the development kit that Nat Semi put together to launch their new microprocessor design in to the market place.

The photo shows the Introkit I recently purchased from Germany on Ebay. I'm rebuilding the power supply so that it won't kill me (240V mains electricity tracks 2mm away from the low voltage output anyone?), and then I'll try powering it up. It came complete with all the documentation you could wish for, so I might post some of that here too if no one objects.