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Want to Buy a MK14 V2.0?

Inspired to run Moon Lander on real hardware?

As you'll have seen from the rest of this website, my only objective in doing this project was to recreate my own personal copy of a much missed first computer. However, it may be that there are some crazed people out there who would like to relive their first computing experiences with a real piece of hardware rather than a software simulator. In fact judging from some of the mail I've received through this website there is a higher level of interest than I thought possible.

I've always intended to make 2 units for my own use (improved display and original calculator style), and there was a minimum order quantity on some of the components which means I've got enough parts for a few more units. If I get some time I might try putting one of these on Ebay. If you're interested drop me a line and we can discuss it.

IPR I make my living through the IPR of the ideas and designs I come up with, so I take IPR extremely seriously. For the MK14 hardware, any industrial design or trademark protection that may have applied originally (and I'm not aware of any) will now have expired. For the monitor software, the situation is less clear. There are no copyright statements in the manual, and the original monitor is a straight lift of the NatSemi Introkit monitor. However the lack of a copyright notice doesn't mean that there isn't any. So if you believe you hold IPR in the software perhaps you would be kind enough to get in touch to discuss getting this machine to live-on into the 21st century.